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Will this fit my ATC

Newer ATC will work (m/m+/mx) you can make sure by measuring the opening of your ATC slot. make sure it is 4.650" or larger. 

*** It will work with the older ATC, just require the sheet metal to be cut and opened, The Cover will have to have each side cut back .75" along with the arc.

Recommended Coolant Pump

We recommend 1/4 hp coolant pump, with at least 1/2" OD tube.  The ring also comes with a barb fitting for 1/2" ID tube for max flow

Recommended Pump:

We also recommend a filter system between the pump and the coolant ring to keep the nozzles clear of chips. This is the filter housing and filter i currently use

How Does it Mount?

On the bottom Side of the spindle casting the is an M6 Threaded Hole. The coolant ring comes with a bolt and washer for mounting