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M/M+/ MX Coolant Tanks

M/M+/ MX Coolant Tanks


LMD is proud to announce the launch of the long awaited upgraded coolant tanks for the 770m/m+/mx and 1100 m/m+/mx.


Major Upgrade:


Coolant Capacity:

770m: 22 gallons (57% increase over stock)

1100m: 25 gallons (78.5% increase over stock)


Chip Tray:

2933.60 Cu In (96.67% increase)


Screen Area:

396.42 Sq In (76.06%)

Increase the coolant recovery, and decrease the coolant foam over chance. Especially with pumps ¼ hp and above


Dual Screen:

One in the bottom of chip tray and one before pump side. Decreasing the chance of chips making it to the coolant ring. While still being easy to clean. No disassembly tool required.


Dual Pump Setup:

Allowing for one pump to the coolant rings and one pump to use for a wash down system.


This will be phase one of two products roll out coming this year. Phase 2 will be the chip conveyor (currently in the per-production testing phase), this coolant tank will be a required purchase to work with the chip conveyor.

Can be pre ordered if out of stock , please allow 90 days to build, powder coat and ship

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